Employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting upon it. 

Effectively managing stress in the workplace can have huge benefits for organisations. HSE estimates that stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders account for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health: 9.9 million days a year. Each new case of stress leads to an average of 23 days off work, leaving employers without valued members of staff for significant periods of time.

Carrying out a stress risk assessment is a good way of tackling workplace stress before it becomes a more substantial issue. 

The benefits of tackling stress in the workplace are clear. The quality of working life for your employees will be better; their productivity and morale will increase; their attendance levels will go up and sickness absence will go down – all benefits which will have a direct impact on how smoothly your company runs. 

If an organisation performs these assessments themselves via line managers or occupational health, employees tend to be less honest and open about how they are feeling, rendering the process meaningless. This is where I Straker Consultants can help.

By utilising our team of experienced therapists to carry out your company’s stress risk assessments, your employees can feel comfortable that their assessments are carried out within a safe and confidential environment, allowing your company to gain an accurate and true understanding of any potential stress exposure their staff may experience.

“For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover” Source - Deloitte